Texas Wedding CinematographyHanna and Adrian Wedding Film

Life doesn’t get any better than the moment you find your “once in a lifetime kind of love.” That kind of love can make any gloomy day a sunny one, can weather any storm, can pick you up from any upset or failure, can help you conquer your fears, can make you feel safe, and can fill your life with a tremendous amount of joy.

Hanna and Adrian have this very kind of love. It showed through in the sweet looks they exchanged, the adoring love letters they wrote to one another, the affectionate kisses they shared and the moment they recited their “I do’s.” The love they share for one another was written all over their faces.

Saturday, March 25th was overflowing with such overwhelming emotion from beginning to end. A true fairytale wedding filled to the brim with an enormous amount of love. It began with the couple exchanging tenderly written love letters to one another. Then they shared an emotional “First Look” handhold. All of these tender moments were enough to fill a storybook, however, this was only the beginning.