Sofia in WonderlandAlice in Wonderland Styled Film

Welcome to Wonderland

I invite you to take a leap down the rabbit hole for an
adventure filled with whimsy and the surreal.

We are ecstatic to have been a part of such a
spectacular production as this Alice in Wonderland
themed shoot. It was quite the scene as the work ofDistant Lands came together to create this fanciful

As a great fan of the Alice in Wonderland books,
movies, art, and paraphernalia I was bowled over to
see such an elaborate set up. Distand Lands would have
made Lewis Carroll quite proud with their
rendition of his work.

This way to Wonderland!

There was no shortage of tea cups, topsy-turvy clocks,
tiny doors leading to far off places, DRINK ME potions,
deceiving EAT ME desserts, and loads more of whimsical
props. And we cannot forget about the cameos of the
distinguished Rabbit and Mad Mad Hatter. All came
together to create a fantastic world for this unique shoot.